A large selection of the best accompaniments

Of course, what charcuterie or cheese board would be complete without some tasty savoury biscuits, chutneys, jams or treats like almond wheels and breadsticks. We stock a large selection of the best accompaniments to bring out flavours and elevate a simple cheese or charcuterie board to something quite delicious. Armorel has carefully selected her accompaniments from various suppliers for their ethics, quality and taste to suit any occasion or gift.

It’s difficult to categorise products as accompaniments, as we all have our own thoughts, but here are a small selection, to whet your appetite and give you a few ideas.

Paiarrop Date & Marcona Almond Wheel

A ‘date bread’, this is made by pressing almonds and dates into disks. It tastes of honey and is a fantastic accompaniment to soft cheese, particularly cheeses from Spain. Delicious when paired with Manchego cheese, it also goes well with chorizo.

El Pèsol Membrillo Quince Paste

Made from quinces, an ancient apple and pear like fruit, along with apple, lemon juice and cinnamon, this is ideal for cutting into slices and serves perfectly with salty cheeses such as Feta or Pecorino Romano. Of course, Halloumi is one of the saltiest cheeses and a couple of thin slices of this sweet, jelly-like paste would go beautifully with fried Halloumi drizzled with lemon juice and Grissini savoury crackers.

Fig Chutney

A delicious chutney from the Fine Cheese Company, this is delightful with soft cheeses such as Brie and Vacherin Mont D’or. A real tasty sweet and fruity accompaniment to your cheese board.

As well as fig chutney, Armadeli stocks other chutneys, including onion, mango chutney and plum and also has a tasty selection of pickled products – walnuts, figs and cherries. If this doesn’t make your mouth water, how about trying our red onion marmalade or chilli jam. Sticking with the fig theme, we also stock a fig jam, which is absolutely delicious spread on savoury biscuits, and served with a tasty, flavoursome English cheddar. Would pair surprisingly well with a full-bodied red wine such as Malbec or Merlot

We are Crackers about Our Accompaniments!

What cheeseboard isn’t complete without some tasty crackers, breadsticks or savoury biscuits? Armadeli has an interesting selection of savouries that will enhance any cheeses or charcuterie.

Peter’s Yard Crispbreads

Crispbreads can be served as a simple tasty alternative to bread and we have a variety of flavours to suit any cheese or topping. How about trying Charcoal and Rye – baked with natural ingredients and would be a perfect accompaniment with a flavoursome soft goats cheese. Or Pink and Black Pepper crispbread? Simply top with feta cheese and vine ripened tomatoes for a tasty light lunch.

Fine Cheese Co.

Gruyere and Pistachio Savouries – these buttery delights are made with tasty grated cheese, nuts, eggs and clotted cream. Hand baked and a really good choice, even when just eating them by themselves. Other savouries in this range are Goats’ Cheese and Walnut, Pecorino and Hazelnut and of course, a classic choice. For a gluten free option, we have Fine Cheese Gluten-Free Water crackers – made from maize flour these are thin and crunchy with a toasted flavour.

This is only a selection of our accompaniments. Others we stock in this range are listed below; some not all year round (always best to call us before travelling – or we can advise you on a suitable alternative) and this list is not exhaustive by any means.

Paiarrop Date and Walnut Wheel for slicing
Paiarrop Fig and Almond Wheel
Paiarrop Tomato Jam
Tomato Crisps/Apple Crisps/Blood Orange Crisps
Pineapple Crisps/Strawberry Crisps
Fig and Cinnamon Chutney
Fig and Orange Jam
Baked Calabrian Fig Balls
Tortas de Aceite Almond/Orange/Rosemary
Breadsticks with Olive Oil/Black Olives/Rosemary
Cornish Seasalt Thins
Parmesan Thins
Grissini Fongo/Black Rice/Red Onion Crackers
Miller’s Damsels Buttermilk Crackers
Miller’s Damsels Charcoal/Original Crackers
Miller’s Toast Cranberry and Raisin/Fig and Sultana/Plum and Date