Armadeli stocking a wide variety of delicious meats

Owner, Armorel, spent many years working in an office environment before realising her dream of opening Armadeli – her love of charcuterie and cheeses has ultimately led to today and Armadeli stocking a wide variety of delicious meats.

The definition in the dictionary of charcuterie is purely ‘cold cooked meats’. Originating from France, this term was used specifically for pork products, which do make up the vast majority of popular cured meat products. The French have a ‘boucher’ for beef, lamb and poultry and a ‘charcutier’ for pig products, but for simplicity, the collection of meats at Armadeli is covered by the term Charcuterie.

A selection of over 50 Charcuterie products

Stocking from across the UK and Europe, Armorel has selected the finest meats, including chorizo, salami, cured meat, pâtés, hams and cooked hams. From Chorizo Pamplona to Pancetta or Serrano Ham to Mortadella, you can find any charcuterie to suit any occasion or recipe and create a tasty charcuterie board, whether that’s an Italian board, French, Spanish or mixed.

Not restricted to boards by any means, how about recipes such as Mozzarella wrapped in Prosciutto as an appetizer, delicious paella with diced Chorizo and Pancetta or a simple ham omlette with a tasty strong cheddar.


Armadeli also stocks delicious Biltong and Droewors, supplied by a local Gloucestershire company made with 100% local British beef. As well as the more traditional high protein Biltong made with authentic South African herbs and spices we stock other flavours for the more adventurous such as Naga Chilli Biltong with a hint of chilli for a more powerful taste, plus Safari Biltong and Piri Piri. Traditional Droewors is also made from 100% British beef and is flavoured with it’s own unique recipe of South African herbs and spices. We also stock some of their other tasty flavours – garlic and Piri Piri.

The aroma as you step through the door is intoxicating and please ask if you would like to try a small piece of meat so you can sample the flavours and textures.

We have a range of vegan options too, as alternatives to meat, such as an Edamame Bean pâté, Spicy Bean Crush pâté plus a delicious non-meat option of sliced chickpeas, lemon and turmeric.

Armorel is more than happy to share her journey and knowledge so far, so that you get the right meat for each occasion or to match your specific preferences. Whether you want to put together a classic charcuterie board for an intimate dinner with friends, or a special family gathering, we can help and advise.

A member of the Guild of Fine Foods, Armorel is passionate about the welfare of animals and sources from ethical suppliers who share her views

Expert pairings

We can even advise you on wine pairings for your charcuterie board, so you find the perfect match. A good pairing can improve the flavour by waking up the taste buds. For example, light and fruity wines are good with Italian cured meats and in particular, Prosecco or a nice crisp Pinot Grigio.

Plus we have a delicious selection of chutneys, olives, antipasti and savoury biscuits. Maybe you would like to come and visit us for one of our regular events – you can explore with us on our journey of quality good food.

For all things Charcuterie, Armadeli is the right place for you. So what are you waiting for? Either pay us a visit or explore our selection in more detail using the links below.

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