A delicious selection of salami from the UK and Europe.

Salami, originating from the word salt is a type of cured sausage, typically beef or pork. Here at Armadeli, we have a delicious selection of salami from the UK and Europe.

Salami can be used simply on a cold meats board, maybe put together as a country? For example, some of the best known cured meat originates in Italy, so why not put together an Italian Meat Board with Mortadella, adding some cheese such as pecorino, and olive oil and balsamic vinegar?

Salami can also be used in simple recipes, such as wrapping slices around small gherkins – delicious as an appetizer with black pepper. Some are good for cooking with and can be added to risottos and pasta sauces – all bringing their individual flavour to the dish. How about a tasty spicy salami and tomato pasta? All mopped up with warm crusty bread.

Suffolk Salami with Rosemary

We are excited to offer a British salami – our suppliers are proud to say they were one of the first producers of British charcuterie, using the finest ingredients with Freedom Food approved pork reared on their farm. This is an award winning salami using pork which has been outdoor bred, then finished in open straw barns. Freshly picked rosemary adds to this Suffolk Salami along with the garlic and spices, making this a popular choice to use straight from the pack on a classic cold meat board, or used in cooking. Or how about a simple delicious salami and chutney grilled cheese sandwich?


Cabanossi is a type of dry sausage, similar to mild salami. Usually made from beef and pork, it is lightly seasoned and then smoked. More often than not it is cut into small chunks and eaten as an appetizer, with cheeses or savoury biscuits, but is a popular pizza topping, when sliced thinly. For a hearty winter casserole, try a white bean and Cabanossi sausage stew, with smoky ham or bacon for a truly delicious supper.

Spianata Piccante

This is a type of salami from Southern Italy produced with the best quality pork cuts. It is seasoned with chilli, which gives it a distinctive red colour, and has an unusual shape. It is almost square and this where the name Spianata comes from. This would grace an Italian meat board accompanied by Bruschetta, chutneys, olives, Parmesan cheese and sun dried tomatoes. A light and fruity wine would pair well with Italian cured meats, such as Pinot Grigio, or an ice cold Italian beer would work well too.

Porcine Salame Mori

A classic salami with dried porcini mushrooms, giving it its very own unique earthy, strong flavour. This salami goes extremely well with cheese and vegetables, but would also sit well on a meat board, alongside olives and cheese. Totally delicious when added to a frittata, with spring onions and goats cheese – simply serve in wedges with a green salad and accompany with sparkling water or a light white wine.

These salamis are all carefully selected for their flavour, quality and supplier ethics. Others we stock in this range are listed below; some not all year round (always best to call us before travelling – or we can advise you on a suitable alternative) and this list is not exhaustive by any means.

Truffle Salame Mori
Wild Boar Salami
Suffolk Salami
Jesus Salami
Salame Finocchiona
Salame Napoli Dolce
Salame Milano
Salame Piccante Ventricina
Casa Riera Bastonet de Vic
Casa Riera Fuet de Vic
Salamino di Culatello (gluten free)
Salamino di Culatelo al Pepperoncino (gluten free)
Salamino di Culatello al Tartufo (gluten free)

Expert pairings

We can even advise you on wine pairings for your charcuterie boards, so you find the perfect match. A good pairing can improve the flavour by waking up the taste buds. For example, light and fruity wines are good with Italian meats and in particular, Prosecco or a nice crisp Pinot Grigio.

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