Gourmet Grocery

Armadeli stocks a huge selection of all of those delicious Grocery items

Armadeli stocks a huge selection of all of those delicious Grocery items that you would expect from a quality delicatessen. From flavoured olive oils to raw Acacia honey or a Paella in a bottle kit to sun dried tomatoes, you can peruse the shelves to find lots of treats that are just that little bit extra special. Armorel always carefully selects her products from various suppliers, making sure they match her ethics.

We stock a large selection of the best grocery items to bring out flavours and sit nicely alongside a simple cheese or charcuterie board, or we also have products that are the basis of a meal, such as our pastas and sauces

Selection of Oils and Vinegars

Armadeli has a wonderful selection of oils, including flavoured oils, with Basil, Chili, Garlic and Lemon. Infused oils add spice and depth to recipes but can also be delicious simply when used alongside a charcuterie board. You can even pour oils into small dishes and mop up with pieces of crusty bread. Or, how about placing large pieces of Goats’ cheese in a small jar, pour in olive oil, salt, olives and rosemary and leave to marinate in the refrigerator for a couple of days. Serve with a selection of savoury biscuits. We consider Balsamic vinegar to be a staple grocery item and stock the most delicious, rich Aged Balsamic vinegar produced in the Modena region of Italy. So versatile – at its simplest, just drizzle over salad or pour in a small dish with a well-chosen charcuterie board and warm ciabatta. Or, it can be used in cooking and brings a lovely rich flavour to recipes such as shepherd’s pie. How about roasting some of your favourite vegetables, with chorizo and serving with a dressing of Balsamic vinegar mixed with olive oil and grainy mustard with crumbled feta cheese on the top?

Sauces and Dressings

We stock a lovely range of sauces and dressings, including a classic Balsamic dressing, with a delicate taste of lemon juice. A perfect accompaniment to tomatoes and smashed advocado. Plus, a golden colour honey and mustard dressing, which is delightful when added to a tray of roasted vegetables and tiny new potatoes. All you need to add is some warm crusty bread, a tasty glass of red wine and friends.

Pasta and Pasta Sauces

We also have a range of delicious sauces to use with pasta such as Basil, Arrabiata, Marinara and Puttanesca. How about teaming up with our range of pastas – Buckwheat & Corn Fettuccine, Red Lentil Fusilli and Rice & Quinoa Tagliatelle? With a generous portion of grated Parmesan on the top and some sparkling water you have the perfect lunch.

Specialist Coffee

We have a wonderful coffee supplier, Ethical Additions, who take great care in sourcing their quality coffee from producers who are well cared for and have concern for the environment. For an Espresso for the most discerning coffee lover, we have their World Select Espresso Coffee – strong and bursting with flavour. For a slightly mellower coffee (still strength 4), we stock their creamy, rich Brazilian Rainforest Ethical Coffee, produced by a family run farm in central Brazil. A beautiful smooth blend with a nutty flavour.

We are also Crackers about Our Accompaniments!

What cheeseboard isn’t complete without some tasty crackers, breadsticks or savoury biscuits? Armadeli also has an interesting selection of savouries under our Accompaniments page that will enhance any cheeses or charcuterie.

This is only a small selection of our Gourmet Grocery items to give you a flavour of our stock. It’s impossible to list all the items and others we stock in this range are listed below; some not all year round, and this list is not exhaustive by any means, as our products can differ sometimes.

Cranberry Sauce
Horseradish Sauce
Mint Jelly
Pesto Rosso
Raw Basil Pesto
Calsparra Rice
Maftoul Couscous
Medjoul Dates
Porcini Risotto
White Truffle Oil
Picked Eggs
Black Truffle Crisps/Extra Virgin Olive Oil Crisps/Iberian Ham Crisps
Black Garlic Ketchup
Sun Dried Tomatoes
Rarebit Beer and Mustard/Chili and Chorizo/Cider and Leek
Aioli/Aioli with Lime
Paella in a Bottle/Paella Kit
Tapenade/Tapenade Verde
King Henry Balsamic Blend Mustard
Grain of Wit Mustard
Poor Mans Caviar


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