Hams and Cured Hams

Hams and cured hams carefully selected for their flavour and quality

Ham is pork from a leg cut that has been preserved by curing, wet or dry. When pork is cured it becomes ham, gammon or bacon.  Specially named hams, such as Parma ham, are a protected cured ham to show the products have come from a certain region, and therefore, adhere to strict processes.

Fresh ham (uncured) is the same cut as the cured ham, but not smoked or soaked in brine. Here at Armadeli, we have a delicious selection of honey glazed, smoked and unsmoked hams and cured hams.

Serrano ham makes a great filling in a wrap for lunch, along with pine nuts, lettuce and Parmesan.  Of course, Christmas isn’t Christmas without a homemade ham and there are endless possibilities for using up the leftovers.


Rustichello is a cooked ham with a distinct flavour and aroma of Mediterranean herbs. Serve as the centrepiece of your Sunday dinner or this meat is delicious sliced and served simply with a tangy chutney. You could put this ham with a fruity wine, as the salty richness pairs well with bold sweet wines.`

Prosciutto Parma

A classic Parma ham, cured for a least 18 months. This meat is sweet with a strong aroma. Lovely in a light salad, with figs and creamy crumbled Roquefort cheese and a simple balsamic dressing. This ham is ideal for a classic Italian charcuterie board. Simply accompany with bruschetta, chutneys, olives and a tasty cheese such as Pecorino. Parma ham is named this as it comes from a designated area in Italy, however we often refer to any type of Prosciutto as Parma Ham.

Prosciutto San Daniele

A traditional cured ham from Italy created for centuries in the same way. The more mature the ham, the stronger the aroma and this ham is perfectly balanced and can be enjoyed simply by itself, or you could be more adventurous. Shred it with finely chopped chorizo, parsley and chili flakes – make a roux, and fry for a few minutes. Then chill for a couple hours. Finally, form into sausage shapes, roll in flour, coat in egg and then in breadcrumbs! Fry in hot oil for ten minutes and serve hot for a delicious appetizer!

These hams and cured hams are all carefully selected for their flavour, quality and supplier ethics. We do stock a number of hams and if there is a specific one you would like, please call us before travelling. We can always advise a ham for your needs, taste and occasion.

Expert pairings

We can even advise you on wine pairings for your charcuterie board, so you find the perfect match. A good pairing can improve the flavour by waking up the taste buds. For example, light and fruity wines are good with Italian meats and in particular, Prosecco or a nice crisp Pinot Grigio.

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