25% off Spanish Morcilla Black Pudding and 15% off Italian Sausage Salsiccia

Latest Special Offers – 25% OFF Morcilla and 15% OFF Salsiccia

We run regular sales where we spotlight specific products. We find it is a great way to highlight just how wide ranging our product range is but also a great way to tempt both new and existing customers to different products.

From now until 28th May or whilst stocks last (whichever is sooner) we have 25% off Spanish Brindisa Morcillo and 15% OFF Italian Salsiccia Sausages.

Morcillo is Spanish for black pudding. This Catalan variety is a soft type, made to be cooked, and contains a good quantity of onion, giving it a pleasant sweetness. The cocktail-sized puddings can be fried, grilled, baked or poached or cooked down to give texture to casseroles. We would suggest a great way of trying Morcilla is to add it to Jamie Oliver’s Chorizo and Potato Hash recipe (we also sell Chorizo off course).

The Italian Salsiccia Sausage has been described as “the best Italian sausage in the world”. With Salsiccia why not give Jamie Oliver’s Italian Sausage Rissoto a try (you might gather we are a bit of a fan). You can watch him prepare this recipe from “Unseen Italy” here. Oh and by the way we also stock Italian Rissoto Rice and don’t forget to ask us for our recommended wines to accompany this.

So what are you waiting for, come and see us and make the most of this sale, before we sell out!

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