Cow Cheese

We have one of the most extensive ranges of cow cheeses in the area

We have one of the most extensive ranges of cow cheeses in the area and have chosen from the finest affineurs, from both the UK and Europe. Whether you need hard, soft, rind washed, blue, aged fresh, crumbly or cheddar, Armadeli has a rich array of choice.

Not only does Armadeli stock a huge variety of artisan cheeses, we have a selection of wrapped cheeses including Simon Weaver Cotswold Blue, Lye Cross Mature Cheddar, Mascarpone and a lovely range of small cheeses that would be ideal for gifts for any time of the year, including Christmas.

Soft cheese

For a soft cows cheese that you can bake in the oven we have Vacherin Mont d’Or – a rich, earthy cheese that comes from Eastern France. Maybe you’d like to talk to us about a wine you could put with this cheese to make a sublime pairing. Please note that this cheese is seasonal and is produced between September and March, when the cows come down from the mountains to spend winter in the warm barns.

Hard cheese

Parmigiano Reggiano, also know as Parmesan, is a traditional Italian hard cows milk cheese, which our supplier sources from a 5th generation affineur based in a small northern Italian town. Delicious eaten on it’s own, it is probably the most versatile cheese in the world for cooking. Put in sauces to soups or salads to pasta, its sweet, creamy flavour is truly exceptional. Hard cheeses pair well with red wines, generally the darker the cheese, the richer the wine. Take a look at our selection of wines.

Rind Washed

We offer a rind washed Reblochon Fermier – a beautiful soft mountain cheese that originated in the Haute-Savoie region of France. This cheese stands well on its own on a cheeseboard, but also is just as delicious when melted or served simply with crusty bread and pickles, Pair this cheese with a crisp French white wine or a sweet cider.


Harrogate Blue – this luxurious creamy blue cheese is truly stunning with it’s depth of flavour and has won gold awards. Again, a cheese ideal in it’s own right on the cheeseboard, or can be used in cooking (if you haven’t eaten it all!) in recipes such as mashed potato or in a leek and blue cheese tart.


One of the cheeses we offer is Hafod Cheddar, a traditional organic hard cheese handmade in Wales.  This rich and nutty cheese is full of flavour, and what cheeseboard, or indeed fridge, can be without this tasty cheese – whether it’s with an organic spicy chutney in a sandwich, or grated on top of a baked potato.

These are only a small selection of our cow cheeses, all carefully selected for their flavour, quality and supplier ethics. Others we stock in this range are listed below; some not all year round (always best to call us before travelling – or we can advise you on a suitable alternative) and this list is not exhaustive by any means.

Blue Monday
Cabrales DOP
Torralba Mahon DOP
Smoked San Simon da Costa DOP
Provolone Piccante
Asiago Pressato
Taleggio DOP
Brillat Savarin
Le Roule
Delice de Bourgogne
Brie Cornish
Brie Somerset
Montagnolo Affine
Barkham Blue
Cornish Yarg
Oxford Blue
White Stilton
Tomme de Savoie AOC
Shropshire Blue
Lancashire Kirkhams
Truffle Gloucester
Bleu d’Auvergne
Cheddar Isle of Mull
Black Bomber