Goat Cheese

A delicious selection of goat cheeses and have chosen from the finest affineurs

We have a delicious selection of goat cheeses and have chosen from the finest affineurs, from both the UK and Europe. Whether you need aged fresh, blue, hard, semi soft and cheddar Armadeli has an impressive selection of goat cheeses for you and any occasion.

Not only does Armadeli stock a huge variety of artisan cheeses, we have a selection of wrapped cheeses including Delamere, Roussas, a beautiful Rosary Garlic cheese and a lovely range of small cheeses that would be ideal for gifts for any time of the year, including Christmas.

Semi Hard

Ticklemore is a semi hard goat milk cheese that is produced in Devon. An award winning cheese it is firm with a crumbly centre, with flavouring distinctive of grass. It has a very light and clean flavour and, as well as using it in usual goats cheese recipes, you can use it to make the most delicious light cheese twists.

Aged Fresh/Semi Soft

Originated in Spain, Monte Enebro is a soft ripened goat cheese, ripened using the same mould to make Roquefort, but the mould only develops on the rind. It has a crumbly yet creamy texture and has a distinctive tangy flavour pairing well with a Spanish dessert wine.


Ragstone is a creamy, smooth unpasteurised goats milk cheese from Herefordshire. Named after Ragstone Ridge, where the creamery was based, it has a lemony flavour and is a beautiful addition to a cheeseboard. This cheese is adaptable to many sweet and savoury dishes, from salads to cheesecakes, but ultimately its true flavour is probably at its best served simply, such as, with crispbread crackers and large radishes.


Quickes Oak Goat Cheddar is an alternative to cow and sheep’s milk cheddar using pasteurised goats milk. It is a vibrant buttery cheese, suitable for vegetarians and matured in around six months. With a smokey taste it is a beautiful flavoursome cheese which holds it’s own on the cheeseboard, as well as works well in recipes (if there is any left!). This light Cheddar would pair well with a crisp fresh Rose wine.

These are only a few of our goat cheeses, all carefully selected for their flavour, quality and supplier ethics. Others we stock in this range are listed below; some not all year round (always best to call us before travelling – or we can advise you on a suitable alternative) and this list is not exhaustive by any means.

Selles Sur Couffy Mons
Lingot des Causses Mons
Fromage Cathare Mons
Tomme de Chevre
Valdeon Picos de Europa (blend of Goats Cheese and Cows Cheese)