Deli Delights Hamper

Deli Delights Hamper


Our Deli Delights Hamper brings together a range of classic Mediterranean snacks making it ideal for creating tapas reminiscent of lazy sunny afternoons and balmy summer nights.

Gorgonzola Piccante DOP – traditional blue cheese from Italy with a strong, sharp taste, aged for a minimum of 80 days. 200g Parmigiano Regianno DOP – 24 month aged Parmesan with a sharp, complex flavour and grainy crumbly texture. Try drizzled in honey. 150g Peppersweet Peppers – mouthwatering mild sweet peppers stuffed with fresh cream cheese and marinated in herbs and vegetable oil. 180g Chorizo Sarta – mild chorizo made with pork, Spanish red peppers and garlic, a gentle warmth and flavour 200g Manchego PDO – a fully matured hard ewe’s cheese from La Mancha in Spain, with caramel and nutty flavours this cheese is a firm favourite 190g Sicilian Green Olives – large sweet juicy green olives in brine, fresh and flavoursome and full of sunshine! 180g Cabanossi – air dried, hot smoked, seasoned sausages are a tasty introduction to salami 200g


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