Luxury Cheese Hamper

Luxury Cheese Hamper


Our Luxury Cheese Hamper contains some of the best French, Italian and Swiss cheeses to create a cheeseboard that will both surprise and delight.

Gruyere AOP –  this handmade Swiss raw milk cheese has a complex flavour of sweet caramel and rich nuttiness. Simply stunning. 180g

Selles Sur Cher AOC – award winning  French soft goats cheese with an attractive grey rind. Creamy with a goaty and hazelnut flavour. 150g

Comte AOC – classic French alpine cheese which is matured in caves giving a unique roasted nut and sweet grassy finish 180g

Chaorce AOC – indulgent soft creamy French cheese, with a crumbly texture at the centre. Milky and buttery flavours. 250g

Dolcelatte – a luxurious and gentle blue veined creamy Italian cheese, sweet and mild 190g

Langres AOC – a soft French cheese washed in annato and Marc de Bourgogne providing a vibrant colour and fruity boozy notes 180g


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