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World Gin Day – 8th June 2019

World Gin Day is a fairly new landmark in the calendar, having started in 2009, by Neil Houston in Birmingham. Since then though it has gathered phenomenal pace, with events happening globally as befits its name. In the UK the growth in its popularity mirrors the stellar growth in Gin sales that has come to be known as “ginaissance”.

Gin is now the top selling spirit in the UK, having overtaken whisky in popularity. Over a quarter of the UK population has purchased Gin over the last 12 months, up from just over 10% 4 years ago. Gin now even features in the sample UK shopping basket that calculates the rate of inflation! A staggering 66 million bottles of Gin were sold in the UK last year, up 41% on the previous year. The biggest increase in popularity though has been in flavoured Gins increasing by 751% compared with 2017.

What Gins do we stock?

We have a great range of Gins in stock with some both for the Gin Connossieur and for those looking to experiment with some of the new products on the market. We are also very proud of the fact that some of our Gins are made here in Gloucestershire and others nearby. Let’s take a closer look at some of the Gins we sell, several of which you will not routinely find in your local supermarket.

Cotswolds Dry Gin

This Gin is a blend of nine botanicals including lavender from the Cotswolds. Rated as “Outstanding” in the 2017 International Wine & Spirit Competition, it has a clean taste, balanced with juniper and citrus notes.

Sibling Gin – Apple, Blackberry and Cardamom

This limited edition, Autumn Gin comes from the Siblings Distillery in Cheltenham. It is a triple distilled Gin and is infused with fresh apples, blackberries and homemade cardamom syrup. It is beautifully lightly spiced with a bright fruity flavour that is reminiscent of all things Autumn.

Chase Oak Aged Sloe & Mulberry Gin

Made with wild hedgerow sloe berries from Herefordshire, often referred to as the ultimate forgotten fruit they are combined with mulberries and then gently macerated in GB Gin and then oak aged in Rhone Valley red wine casks. This is a gloriously warming Gin that perfectly balances rich berry sweetness with fresh tartness. Try this Gin neat accompanying a cheese board as an alternative to port or add it to Prosecco for a Sloe-gasm Cocktail (a twist on the classic Kir Royale).

Isle of Wight Distillery Mermaid Gin

Mermaid Gin is a hand made small batch Gin using no less than 10 botanicals. This Gin features rock samphire foraged from around the Isle of Wight, elderflower, fresh citrus zest from Sicillian lemons, Grains of Paradise, Bodicea Hops, coriander, orris, angelica and liquorish root, finished off with Juniper. This Gin is slow distilled with chalk fed spring water  and then rested for 7 days. Mermaid Gin achieves classification as a London Dry Gin, a marque of quality, using 100% natural ingredients and no additives.

Sibling Triple Distilled Gin

This original Gin from the Sibling Distillery has become renowned for its modern, fresh profile. Subtle notes of fresh citrus and light juniper lead, with distinctive tones of vanilla and blueberry give this Gin its characteristic smoothness. This easy drinking and versatile Gin is best served with a small slice of orange, a twist of orange peel or blueberries.

Sibling Cranberry and Clementime Triple Distilled Gin, Winter Edition

We make no apology for featuring a third Siblings Gin, after all they are local to us. This is another limited edition Gin from this Cheltenham Distillery. This Gin is infused with cranberries and clementime peel. It is luxuriously fruity with a bitter sweet finish. It blends equally well with tonic (we stock the highly regarded Fever Tree), ginger ale, cloudy lemonade or even Prosecco.

What is the secret to a perfect Gin and Tonic?

What makes for a perfect Gin and Tonic is very much down to personal preferences. We are happy though to offer some suggestions that you might want to try. When it comes to the great fresh lemon or lime with your G & T debate, purists will usually plump for lemon on the grounds of it having a more delicate flavour and it being less likely to overwhelm the other botanicals. Most skilled barman will also suggest not squeezing, but just adding the fruit, again so as not to overwhelm the flavours. Try chilling the glass in a freezer and then filling the glass with rock hard ice. When it comes to Tonic our personal favourite is Fever Tree which has seen an explosion in its popularity. The ratio of Gin to Tonic is very much down to taste.

The highball style glass is probably the most popular but try as an alternative cabernet glasses which allow you to swirl the drink and really release the flavours.

Whatever your preferences, we hope that you will give some of the Gins we have featured here a try and that you enjoy World Gin Day. Cheers!

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